Hello to the other verse…..

By April 20, 2017 No Comments

Help me find you again with a false beacon of truth I said to myself.
Been spending lots of time lately wondering about the choices I’ve made, wonderful moments I’ve had, and also the pain I’ve been through.
Yeah I think about them a lot but not with regret, just curious if I made the same choices across the multiverse.
Am I still hanxolo in some other universe or am I something else (a ninja
Maybe the thoughts come when I feel like escaping from everything for just a moment, or maybe I just wish I was someone else.
So I wonder if the theory of parallel universes were true, does hanxolo over there wishes he could escape too?
Does he wish he made different choices sometimes?
Did he experience same pain as me, and does he cherish the same happy moments as me..
I hope he’s doing good, but above all I wonder if he thinks about me too.

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