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Its 3.30 am and i just rounded up my Js tutorials on team treehouse. I have a very busy day ahead plus I’m still trying to adjust to the 9-5 life after the switch.

Been learning to follow a scheduled path on my daily activities and so far its been kinda ok. My supposed schedule for today Monday (lundi) goes like this;

  • 7am:get out of bed, have a shower.
  • 7.30 am: fetch breakfast.
  • The great decision of what to wear to the office (i might just use shorts but it’s a Monday.)
  • 8.30 am: Get on transit to work
  • 8.55am: Sign in at work.
  • 9- 12pm: Start implementing the UI for hire-talentz chat box/messaging.
  • 12pm-12.30: lunch break.
  • 12.45 – 1.45: review interns work and ensures he doesn’t break anything.
  • Ensure our new header navigation layout is at least 50% ready.
  • 4-4.45pm: Review everyone’s submission for the day before forwarding to project lead.
  • 5pm: Close for the day n head home..

At least that’s how i thought it would go, but here’s how it really went;

  • Alarm rings, and I ignore.
  • 7.05 am: Alarm rings again and i almost snoozed it.
  • 7.10am: Sat on the bed staring into space wishing I could sleep some more.
  • 7.30am: While sitting I get an urgent call that something would be needed in the office, which meant I had to use the ATM on my way there.
  • 8.07am: Stepped out of the bathroom in a confused state, just remembered I didn’t get my sleeves ironed.. uhmm who cares anyway.
  • 8.23am: Got to the ATM and the crowd there was like a scene from the Exodus.
  • 8.45am: Realised I’ll be here for at least 30 more minutes, called a friend and asked for cash while I made a transfer to him. Sorted that in about ten mins and headed to the office..
  • 9.45am: started working on HireTalentz UI.
  • 10.38am: Lebelle Ami buzzed about a bug she needed help with..
  • 11.20am: Still battling the bug, (die bug dieeee, sprays figurative Mortein).

  • 11.40am: Fixed bug..and resumed my work.
  • 12 noon: Lunch break( or should I say brunch break because I skipped breakfast).
  • 12.20pm: Vet showed up and needed some help with the guard dogs.
  • Still helping with the guard dogs and getting my clothes messed up while at it..

  • Some time around 2pm tries to push to git..
    Error here… (F*******k)
  • 2.30pm: Fixed error. and started implementing our new header design.
  • 2.45pm: My intern(my kylo-ren) encounters a js bug, I let him go at it for a bit
  • 3.15pm: I stepped in like a boss and made it worse..??.
  • 3.21pm: Fixed..
  • Damn this header is nowhere near 50%.
  • 4.45pm: Makes final commits for the day, review everyone’s submission and rounded up for the day..
  • 5.19pm: On transit home.
  • 5.30- 6pm: Lazying about
  • 6:08pm: OMG i have a blog post to complete…


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