Nain Blanc

Let stars become silent, let the wind become calm Let us speak within thoughts, let dreams fall asleep She can't hear the light anymore One…
February 17, 2018

A song for thoughts…..

I find myself listening to very sad songs.I keep wondering why they give me so much appeal. When I code, I've got my head-phones on…
January 28, 2017

Random Pick


Yo!! web devs, are you there?

Yeah I'm back from my longest blogging break ever. A fellow blogger said taking time off doesn't hurt, as it helps you recharge and regain…

Stereotyping and the “keyboards” of tomorrow.(part 1)

You know that look you give anyone who is dressed "indecently" (as defined by your standards of whats decent or not) ?.. Yeah that impression…

Between Chloe, Gigi and Ruby….

Chloe has got an awesome personality. She has mood swings once in a while..she throws fits when she's stressed but she doesn't nag about how…
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