Intro plus a little something!!

By June 5, 2017 2 Comments

Hola!! So this is the first time i’m gonna be doing something like this. By “this” i mean writing a Blog post. Lol i’m shy.

Name: Oluwakemi

“Nickname”: Innykemi (that’s if a name you give yourself can be called that. LOL)

So thats me. Erm well so it seems i’m gonna be here often from now. Oh i forgot to add what i do.

“What i do”: Web development (I think i’m a geek, i have no idea though! *grin*). Plus i’m a she incase it ain’t obvious yet!

A little something

If only a person’s brain was organized in a database structure!
Unique id’s assigned to details about a person, event, skill etc.. At least that way details in different tables won’t jumble together, the way memory does sometimes. If a person has this kind of brain, thats equal to being a super computer though! LOL

Pardon me if you don’t speak geek!!


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