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By May 4, 2018 6 Comments

It’s May 4th and my theme is still just 20% done. If you are probably lost and wondering what I’m referring to, I’m referring to the HTML5 template I intend putting up on themeforest. Or maybe I might just put it up for free here.

So this template is called “The Force”, Yep you should know I’m a star wars fanatic (It’s super obvious from my alias).

While making this template I came up with a cool idea from my “class naming conventions” in CSS, why not make the template and a mini CSS framework? It was pretty cool when I thought it up at first, but as days and months passed my resolve began to waver because of standardizations, proper documentation, “clean code for everyone” and extreme and rigorous testing to cater for all possible user devices out there, because no one wants to make a framework and spend the rest of their life as support, fixing bugs. Oh I forgot to mention my job took a whole load of my time too…Did I  just say a whole load? I actually meant it took all  my time.

before and after starting a projectNow to the point of today’s post I’m going to share the steps I took (or still taking because I’m not done) during the course of this project.

  1. Think about the cool idea. (Yay let me make a framework).
  2. Day dream about the world wide success of the project.
  3. Still day dream about it.
  4. Actually attempt to start the project.
  5. Abandon the idea because of pending client jobs ( my project supervisor makes my heart skip every time I get his call on Skype or Whatsapp).
  6. Day dream a bit more
  7. Created an AI file on illustrator with the name The force wireframe.
  8. Create a beautiful wireframe of the template.
  9. Day dream once again.
  10. Discard the wireframe/mockup coz it doesn’t look so beautiful anymore
  11. Accept that there’s no fame or world wide success coming and wonder why I decided to be a web developer instead of simpler career paths like being an astronaut. Lol
  12. Create another wireframe.
  13. Convince myself its awesome.
  14. Start coding on VScode
  15. Daydream ( I do this a lot, and you do too, so don’t judge me.)
  16. Take a break because of the dreaded Skype calls (I explained above)
  17. Repeat


So here’s a screenshot from my browser on a lil section I’ve written little code on. Oh I forgot to mention; Its also doubling as a portfolio because its actually a portfolio template.

I hope it looks cool to you guys. Oh signing out now, the Skype call is coming in..





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