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The future we clamour for

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It’s the year 2045 and nope Martians aren’t invading Earth. The scenario I painted in my last post was averted  (the invasion scenario).
I just asked cortana (version 20 lol) my virtual assistant, to download my breakfast (don’t fret it’s 2045 bros) while I take a warm bath.

10 seconds later Cortana is done with the task (downloading real objects over Lifi, yeah its 2045 bros calm down.) and she asks if I cared to hear the news headlines .
I give her my affirmative and the first headline was quite astonishing ,”we found a way to grow plants on a very commercial scale at low costs on the red planet ” (take that Matt Damon).
I guess you can’t get invaded by an already colonized planet right?, and now you probably wondering if I’m on some pills or something.

Back to 2017..the future I just talked about is really inevitable, but the question is, are we (naija) gonna play catch up forever?..
Of late there’s been quite a rush in the ICT sector in Nigeria.

From tech startups to  amazing programmers, designers, developers etc. Not only has it has helped put a positive look on our damaged reputation, it has also attracted foreign investors such as the chan-Zuckerberg initiative’s 24m dollar funding to andela, Paystack getting listed on the y-combinator and many more.

Now imagine if this boom could be replicated in every sector from agriculture to economics to engineering and medicine, We would have an amazing future to look forward to.
They say predicting the future is best done by creating it, and also the future leaders of tomorrow are kids ryt?

This brings me to the amazing world of Akinyele Olubodun (software developer).
I met him on Facebook sometime last year, just a random add.
But my attention was drawn towards his dedication to teaching kids programming for free.

Yep the dude runs a “mini andela” on his own budget.

Now as a developer I totally understand how hard it can be to squeeze out time for yourself let alone create time for such an amazing project (kudos Mahn).

Most definitely  those kids are going to have an impact on the future of  ICT in Nigeria and hopefully worldwide.So how about we all take a cue and create that future we crave for so much.
let’s show the younger generation that “having an education” isn’t a waste of time and also give life to our dying moral values .
9ja is blessed with talented minds and yet many waste away because their dreams were a little too expensive for them to afford.

If Nigerians could come out enmase and generate over 300 million naira for BBN in profits via voting. I guess they could do same or even better helping talented minds create a better future for our nation.
We all have a role to play and in akinyele’s words “that’s how we create the future we clamour for”..

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