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Remote to daily commute

By November 27, 2018 5 Comments

There’s been a paradigm shift in my mode of work. For three years I’ve worked remotely as a front end developer at da-manager ltd, but it all changed with the company’s decision of getting a full fledged branch here in my city.

My initial reaction was “nooooooooooo”, because I loved working remotely. Who doesn’t love to?

I could wear briefs all day, work from the bed or work from the death star (my workstation) , I could work from a friends place, watch comedy central all day and decide to complete my tasks at night. The pros seem endless, I even had a blog post in the works titled “the pros and pros of working remotely”. Yep you read that right pros and pros. But I could never complete it because as much as I had all day to myself at home, my time management skills sucked on a multiversal level. I procrastinated a lot, the day seemed shorter every single day.

My work was suffering, my blog was suffering, my relationship with friends was also suffering (it’s about to get on a whole new level of suffering tho). NEPA didn’t help matters either and mum could pick up her phone anytime and “hey son I need you to come do this”.. and I’m like its 12 noon mum I’m at work, and then she’s like but you are at home..and I’m like “@#%@$##” .. she never seemed to get the remote thingy…

Back to the post, in the midst of all pros I noticed all the cons above and much more so I keyed into the office decision because I knew working with a specific time path or schedule could do me some good and alas I was right. At the end of the days work I can now work on my pet projects (the force css framework), write a blog post, think of random stuff or just lazy about waiting for the next

So I supervised the setup of the office space and integration of the other remote staff we had working around in Warri.. setup is about 70% done , still have the custom wall arts , embossed wall logo and insignia pending for delivery. But what the heck we resumed anyways..

Here’s a little gallery of what we have done so far


  • orion says:

    Hi Hanxolo, I think the office idea is a great improvement for you. It gives you the privilege to learn and improve faster on the job.

    I guess Mom’s gonna miss someone at home. 😉

  • Nancy Eff says:

    I prefer working at the office.

    Working remotely makes me lazy. I’m either romancing my hair, sleeping or chasing my kid sis around the house. Mum doesn’t disturb tho, especially when she sees I’m on my pc and that’s my getaway from chores sometimes….lol

    I like the eating area of your office… #foodie

  • masterpreshy says:

    Looks awesome, increases productivity level too! Getting there someday!

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