Stereotyping and the “keyboards” of tomorrow.(part 1)

By December 10, 2016 2 Comments

You know that look you give anyone who is dressed “indecently” (as defined by your standards of whats decent or not) ?..
Yeah that impression you had about that boy that sagged his pants or that girl with the ankle chain and wrist tattoo? Yep that is stereotyping. Stereotyping can be defined as a preconcieved notion especially about a group of people .
I have had a fair share of stereotype comments and gestures obviously because of my hair (aiming for that j cole look).
Statements like “you work with this hair?, you look like a “gboy” (statement obviously made by the NPF), “we nor dey get dada for our family” (made by grandma).

I’m not exempting myself from stereotyping either because i grew up with so many wrong impressions e.g All girls with ankle chains are sluts, all boys with dreadlocks are criminals,all Ibo men have shops, all calabar girls have Phd in the bedroom, Only bad boys wear black polos and black denims same time etc..

Its normal to be influenced by the way society thinks because you grew up in that society , but its totally unacceptable to stick to the way society thinks just because they are the crowd.
In the history of Nigeria we have always had issues of corrupt government officials looting funds but I’ve never seen any of them on dreadlocks.

A girl with a tattoo or ankle chain doesn’t automatically make her a slut..You will be surprised at the level of sluttiness the “sister mary” kind of girls display.

I cant deny the fact that some of these characteristics can be linked with people of questionable morals but its totally wrong to stereotype.
You should get to know people before going all “your lordship” (judging) on them.

Say no to any form of stereotyping today.

Ps: All programmers are awesome (was that stereotyping?)..


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