Yo!! web devs, are you there?

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Yeah I’m back from my longest blogging break ever.
A fellow blogger said taking time off doesn’t hurt, as it helps you recharge and regain inspiration.
Ahem, well mine was 10% due to my busy schedule and 90% laziness.
The big question is what I gained during the break, It’s not like I went on a quest ,chanting mantras and meditating. I’ve been lazy and busy so sum total of inspiration gained equals zero.

Now to why I’m here, being a web developer in a town like Warri at first felt pretty good, the competition was minimal hence spreading my tentacles was very easy.

But with time it felt very lonely. I kept seeing meetups and hackathons been organised in places like Lagos and Port -Harcourt.
Where developers get to meet, learn and bring ideas into reality.

I missed out on the last XAMARIN meetup in port Harcourt due to my work schedule, but if it was closer to me I guess squeezing out the time wouldn’t have been difficult.

The web development scene in Warri is a pretty quiet one. I can barely count five developers who reside here. I’m not saying there aren’t devs over here I’m just pointing out the fact that they hardly network with each other.

Probably most of them still think hoarding information is lit. It’s 2017 come on, and we are getting left behind.

It’s high time we came together and put ourselves on the map too. So if you are reading this and you know any web developer/designer in Warri and its environs tell him or her to please support the cause by joining the Warri code club on Facebook

Now I also have to apologise for the extremely long break I took from blogging. (In the voice of naija politicians “I vehemently condemn my own lacklustre attitude towards blogging “. Lol)

PS: Gigi says hi

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