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So me and my friend (colleague, wingman, partner in crime lol) prince where discussing about comic characters ,anime characters to be precise and we decided to the death..

Prince came up with a ninjalike dude from naruto verse, with a basic sharinghan, flicker speed, and extremely fast reaction time.
I made up a guy whose a mixture of both shinigami and ninja (bleach verse and naruto verse). Very basic ninja abilities like replacement techniques, bunshin no jutsu and summoning techniques, then a bankai that alters my opponents perspective about my swords position, length and strike speed..

Little did we know we would become planet busters in a few “wayo” escalated quickly.. Below is an excerpt from the duel

Prince: Throws kunai (towards me)

Me: I side step them easily

Prince: The kunais u just side stepped are my clones and “Amataretsu” from behind, it’s over bro

Me: wtf..basic sharinghan u didnt mention Mangeky┼Ź, anyways that was my clone too
My real self is underneath you I….

Prince: (cutting me short) shao bao funeral..i just hardened the earth underneath me you are toast..

Me: Jesus christ, you are an earth user now?
Hahaha..Thank God my bankai was active..

Prince: But i didnt hear you say it.

Me: This is real life i dont need to say it has been active from the start so your perspective about my position has been flawed from the start..

Prince: My eyes see through everything..

Me: My bankai “weep sarutobi” isn’t occular based it’s sound based..

Prince: (showing signs of fear).

I speed blitz and try to cut him in half, his reaction speed is on point but too bad he thinks im coming from the left and runs right into sarutobis edge)

Me: This is over..

Prince: really?…

He grabs my hand and i can see his ears bleeding..damn i fell for his trap

Prince: mario san i study my oponent in depth before any encounter, no doubt Your bankai is awesome but ive been reading your lips from the start of the fight , i had my eardrums punctured for your sake..I let you stab me for this..ART IS A BLAST..

Me: Not again bro..You got deideras ability too?


Me: Lol…code nu jutsu : Padding :1 million pixels

Prince: Wtf was using css nw

Me: Yup..its my bankais true ability..with this padding I’m impenetrable..because there would always be an invisble space between your attacks and me.

Prince: hmmm black hole rasenshuriken..the black hole is so strong it slows time down even your padding cant stop this.

Me: .blackhole{
your technique is gone bankai lets me tweak the stylesheets of this universe.

Prince: You are on a universal scale now?..
Kuyichose no jutsu..destructo..its a demon that feeds on the fabric of space and time yet doesnt exist on this universe alone..

Me: Did u hear your self just now?

Prince: Perfectly since its not from this universe you cant tweak it..

Me: As long as its in my universe i can tweak it

Prince: It actually attacks you from a parrallel verse using cosmic energy…

Me: Oh really..i have the ability to change the link url of my stylesheets from universe to universe..infact my bankais bankai can tweak the multiverse..

Prince: Your bankai has a bankai?

Me: Yep

Prince: I hail you..Thought we were just ninjas bro..

Me: You started the wayo na…lol..lets get back to work abeg we don’t have much time for this delivery..sup with the form validation?

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