Jump gigi jump

By December 11, 2016 5 Comments

I’m always welcomed by my energetic one year old lhasa apso in a very funny way.
She stands on her hind legs and starts hopping around..It is a funny sight but yet adorable. She’s crazy about me (hahahahaha) and doesn’t hesitate to show it.

Her fur is a mixture of white and gold and little shades of grey. Her eyes are a little too human that it gives me the jitters sometimes.., but still cute anyway. She’s a bit hyper active and very clingy especially when its her chow time.

She has mood swings at times and doesn’t want you to rub her fur when she’s trying to get some sleep (She’s had a busy day dude from running and jumping from couch to couch).

Dunno what her beef is with female guests but she barks a lot when she sees one and tries to attack.(jealous type i guess).

She is very selective about her chow. If it ain’t gat minced beef its a no no, i’m sorry pisces (fish) she’s just not that into you. And yeah im gonna tell you if she helps with code wait for it , wait for it shes very fluent in ruby (lmao), that’s if ruby=woof woof..

So the answer is yes, she’s fluent in the woof woof syntax and also using woof woof style sheets..


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