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Coz i’m a nerd born to code

By December 9, 2016 2 Comments

It’s 9:59am and I’m still very sleepy. Worked late on a project last night so I had to sleep by 5 am. My legs are wobbling and my vision still blurry.
I really wish I could just insert this into my my stylesheet .sleep{ display: none; }  imagine if we were open source and I had access to my style sheets, functions.php lol..not even a team made up of hulk and superman prime would last 25 seconds against me.
Pardon my thoughts I’m a kid at heart and mind, I watch nickelodeon and animes like all the time, I fantasize about having my own bankai …lol..
I’m thinking about getting breakfast ready and jumping into a new project . Here’s a brief of what happened when the client was making  clear his “demands”.

The task (according to client) :

” I want every process on the site automated , i just want to sit back and watch the system work on its own (from user test registration questions to monthly subscriptions), infact it needs to run smoothly like facebook, update itself like skynet and evolve like ultron…

update and evolve like ultron and skynet

update and evolve like ultron and skynet

The cost (according to my boss):

Its going to cost you £*****************

My boss giving him a cost breakdown

My boss giving him a cost breakdown

The new task (by client after receiving sense):

Lets just make sure they can sign up.

someone cannot play with you guys again..shuo ultron kini?


Rotflmao …

Today’s task is to draw up the wire frame according to the site map provided and present it to my boss for approval so I can start coding.

That’s basically how most of my days are spent, behind my pc drawing up layouts or thinking of the best colors and fonts that go together. Lots of people would be bored to death by my schedule but I am not because I’m a nerd and I was born to code..


  • Abhishek Prakash says:

    Great.. Seems like an Ai ( Artificial Intelligence ) System work.. For me, It’d be like, Okay Boss You gave him the estimate, so now you work on it. ??

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