Judean God

By March 15, 2019 4 Comments
judean God

And darkness came to sing a song,

Imagine how much souls we could get if you played along,

It’s 1914 the world is monochrome,

History will be made and I can scurry home,

They will sing hallelujah once it’s over.


It’s dusk in a land of blood and scorched sand,

Of bodies adored with sweat, and fear continuously hounds,

Man made tools sing aloud and a band of brothers fall ,

Buried in dirt they wish the orchestra would stop,

They will sing hallelujah once it’s over.


The man in white sings a song,

A lone audience in grief cannot applaud,

He flashes back before the song,

A happy time under-appreciated,

If he could never hear the song,

He would sing hallelujah once it’s over.


A worried heart, and a body far from whole,

An agnostic mind and a rejected soul,

Embraces the sound as he comes to lay,

One last sleep as he meets his Dei,

A million questions echoed beneath dying thoughts,

All left unanswered oh Judean God..




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