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Design vs Functionality

By April 2, 2017 4 Comments

I’ve been meaning to write this post for weeks now but my schedule has been hell , plus I’m still having a hard time breaking up with “bae procrastination”.

Was trying to have a short nap when I had this epiphany ,the clouds opened and a bright light came from above revealing all the posts I’ve postponed like a million times. If you are an ardent reader of my blog you should have known I’m kidding about the epiphany thingy. And yeah I have a new rule no more “I was joking or kidding statements”. You either get the joke or you don’t. Lol.

Back to the topic “Design vs Functionality”, I could have made this a death match, lol.
Before I became a front end developer I was a frequent web surfer, and I couldn’t help but notice how badly designed our government organisations websites are. From NYSC to Jamb to my alma mater PTI. It’s basically like a canvass with green and white paint splashed on then letting a kid scribble text on the canvass(amazingly bad font selection) and rounding it up by sticking poor images with awkward dimensions all over the canvass.
Actually here’s what I see when I open the NYSC website.

Created with Microsoft Fresh Paint

You might not see that though ..I guess you might see


They might look different to you but I’ve got that special “sharinghan” that detects bad design and renders it as extremely bad design to me. I guess I need to see a doc or something.

A lot of people would say design doesn’t really matter as long as the app or website is functional and secure. Well here’s to you

Fantasia Painting(6)

Design is as much as important as shouldn’t be picked over the other..
Would you wanna drive a Keke napep (tricycle) with a v8 engine or a Tundra ?

If you are an entrepreneur looking to kick start a tech startup , please get a proficient front end guy to take care of your layout and not just the back end guy who’s extremely good with php but lacks basic understanding of color combinations..

No one wants to use a functional eye sore.
And nope nope nope a bootstrap template or word press theme doesn’t replace a front end guy ?.
But what if the need arises where one has to be picked over the other, like the scenario below

(its the year 2045 martians are invading earth our first line of defense the orbital iron dome defence systems have been destroyed , here’s a dialogue between the admiral of earths defense fleet and hanxolo the chosen one)

Admiral: Damn these martians are fierce. We have lost all orbital defense systems .hanxolo you know what we have to do now right?, this is why you were chosen. This is the time to fulfil the prophecy.

Hanxolo: Sir I’ve been training for this moment all my life, the time has come for me to push the sacred button.

(the admiral opens a suitcase , hanxolo authenticates his id via a retina scan)

ADMIRAL: the red button and the blue button ..all you have to do is press one. They are both rigged to nuke mars and its fleet..

Hanxolo: Easy  but wait why is there a label on the red button that says functionality and a label on the blue that says design?

Admiral: It must have been a way to disguise the importance of this suitcase from spies. Just a cover son. Please push one our lives depends on it.

Hanxolo: Eskizz me sir. Please I cant pick one over the other.

Admiral: What is wrong with you son. We have barely a minute before the Martian fleet hits earth..

Hanxolo: I’m sorry this is the end ..i cant pick sir..

Admiral: I respect you was nice serving with you.

Hanxolo: For Mother earth and for honour..

(we all die in a blaze of glory..)

Yep even in that situation I wouldn’t pick..ciao..

PS: Inspired by one note on windows 10 mobile..awesome update..



  • LOL.. It was fun reading this post. Website owners doesn’t spend their time on creating a better design for their website and ends up giving up ’cause their website is not generating revenue. They don’t think for the reason that’s making the website doing it so.

  • Wow! This is nice. Even as a Backend-driven guy, i still try as much as possible to learn some basic design skills. I have a folder dedicated to saving any catchy things i find on the internet relating to design, i named it “inspiration” because i know these two things should co-exist together.

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