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Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Between Chloe, Gigi and Ruby….

Chloe has got an awesome personality. She has mood swings once in a while..she throws fits when she's stressed but she doesn't nag about how Gigi steals some attention from her.. After all some months ago she had 100 percent of my attention and now she has to contend with this blonde (Gigi).. Gigi has the "idgaf" attitude towards's like...

Well these Comments are

Happy new year to all my's been a while you heard from me..I have been pretty choked up with work and i haven't had the time to make any I stumbled on some funny code comments on StackOverflow and I thought I should share since I have had my own share of crazy css classes and...

This is my bankai; display: none

So me and my friend (colleague, wingman, partner in crime lol) prince where discussing about comic characters ,anime characters to be precise and we decided to the death.. Prince came up with a ninjalike dude from naruto verse, with a basic sharinghan, flicker speed, and extremely fast reaction time. I made up a guy whose a mixture of both shinigami...

Jump gigi jump

I'm always welcomed by my energetic one year old lhasa apso in a very funny way. She stands on her hind legs and starts hopping around..It is a funny sight but yet adorable. She's crazy about me (hahahahaha) and doesn't hesitate to show it. Her fur is a mixture of white and gold and little shades of grey. Her eyes...

Stereotyping and the “keyboards” of tomorrow.(part 1)

You know that look you give anyone who is dressed "indecently" (as defined by your standards of whats decent or not) ?.. Yeah that impression you had about that boy that sagged his pants or that girl with the ankle chain and wrist tattoo? Yep that is stereotyping. Stereotyping can be defined as a preconcieved notion especially about a group...

Coz i’m a nerd born to code

It's 9:59am and I'm still very sleepy. Worked late on a project last night so I had to sleep by 5 am. My legs are wobbling and my vision still blurry. I really wish I could just insert this into my my stylesheet .sleep{ display: none; }  imagine if we were open source and I had access to my style...

Javascript in 2016: kuku kill me

No JavaScript frameworks were created during the writing of this article.   This piece is just an opinion, and like any JavaScript framework, it shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Hey, I got this new web project, but to be honest I haven’t coded much web in a few years and I’ve heard the landscape changed a bit. You are the most up-to...

Bill Gatessssss!!!!!!!

lumia 930 review

My friends keep asking "Mario why do you keep going back to the lumia series?". Seriously I don't have an answer to that question. I keep convincing myself that the UI is sleeker , screen resolution of higher quality and coupled with the fact that i use a 2.2ghz quadcore qualcomm snapdragon 808 processor, I have never experienced a lag...

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Coz i’m a nerd born to code

It's 9:59am and I'm still very sleepy. Worked late on a project last night so I had to sleep by 5 am. My legs...

Yo!! web devs, are you there?

Jump gigi jump