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lumia 930 review

My friends keep asking “Mario why do you keep going back to the lumia series?”.
Seriously I don’t have an answer to that question. I keep convincing myself that the UI is sleeker , screen resolution of higher quality and coupled with the fact that i use a 2.2ghz quadcore qualcomm snapdragon 808 processor, I have never experienced a lag on my device.
But it also means I’m trying to avoid the herd of elephants running around the room.
All my lumia devices have always been hot potatoes (over heating & battery drain). I still cant figure why there are so many defective devices out there. Big brands like apple, samsung(emm let’s forget the note 7 saga) and others put real work into flagship devices to ensure they are bug and wahala free , but not windows

(Gates be like “ship em anyway”).

bill gates lets ship em anyway

bill gates lets ship em anyway

Till date nokia and microsoft refused to comment on the over heating of the lumia icon, 920 and 930 devices (you don buy be that). Returning your device might not help either because there is a 20 percent chanced it will be replaced with another defective device (out side of Nigeria), and a hundred percent chance you’ll get a defective replacement via jumia in naija.
Now we are done with the stampeding elephants lets address the interior decor of the room.
1. Awesome phone (if the elephants are sedated long enough)
2..Amazing device( if the elephants could be moved to maybe another room).
3..heavenly spec device if the elephants were not there in the first place!!!!.

These flaws do¬†NOTchange my take on the lumia series ..they are really cool, amazing and secure devices. I’ll always stick with them

Please Gates or Satya Nadella dont let your greatest fan boy down , just like modenine did to mario-san.

Signing out before i get burned by the hot potato its getting warm already..


  • Abhishek Prakash says:

    Lol.. I use Android Device of Micromax Company. I’ve never experienced heating problem till date but i can say it lands me into troubles many times. It hangs much and automatically shuts down the running application. But still I’ll never opt for Windows phones because of their much less market share of apps. And also i heard Nokia wil release its Android Device soon so I don’t know if it’s a Hoax or not, but still Android is better in my opinion ’cause I’ve never used Apple. ??

    • Hanxolo says:

      basically every app i need is on the windows platform..they just need to be less beef with the droid is that the Ui is so stale..on almost any android device its same.

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