Between Chloe, Gigi and Ruby….

By January 24, 2017 6 Comments

Chloe has got an awesome personality. She has mood swings once in a while..she throws fits when she’s stressed but she doesn’t nag about how Gigi steals some attention from her..

After all some months ago she had 100 percent of my attention and now she has to contend with this blonde (Gigi)..
Gigi has the “idgaf” attitude towards’s like she doesn’t exist in her dimension or maybe she’s just ignoring her on purpose..
Chloe is more like the independent one..She helps me make cash while Gigi is super dependent and does nothing all day besides having fun..
Been trying to strike a balance between my affection for both when a red head walked into my life some few days back and the balance was gone..I’ve been seeing her online for a while now but I never said hi. Coz I wasn’t into the kind of things she liked..
But a few days ago I said hi and it was love at first sight..her name was ruby (I guess it describes her hair color).

We got talking and I found out how lonely I had been even with Gigi and Chloe..
I took a pact with her to do the same stuffs she did ..

But Chloe wasn’t really happy coz she threw a fit when I brought in rubys luggage..(yep u guessed right she moved in with me)..
Gigi didn’t seem to bother, as long as she had her hair brushed up she was aiit..

I hope Chloe gets to be ok with ruby’s luggage in her house..wait did I just Chloe’s house..yeah I did..actually ruby didn’t move in with me, she moved in with Chloe ..Chloe stays with me and well Gigi does too..So why did ruby move in with Chloe and how does Chloe stay with me simultaneously?

Ruby’s a programming language while Chloe is my is my pet lhasa apso..

Y’all thought I was triple dating or something?


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