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I find myself listening to very sad songs.I keep wondering why they give me so much appeal.
When I code, I’ve got my head-phones on and there’s a 99 percent probability it’s a song from the”sadcore” genre. I guess the slow melody and deep words, put me in a state where my brain performs at optimum capacity..So today I’ll be talking about one of my best songs Always by bemyoda..

Now bemyoda whose real names are Bem iordahh hails from the middle belt of Nigeria.

When interviewed about his inspiration for always he replied saying
“At some point, when I was at university, I had a friend I used to sing with. His name was Daniel. Was, because he is late. We formed a group, when I was in my fourth year and we were going to start recording together…Always is a song I wrote for him.”

Now I stumbled on always while I was watching gidi up..I had to make sure I saw the credits at the end of that episode just to pick out the name of this “sad” artiste that got me hooked on his emotive lyrics..

Lyrics for Always by Bemyoda

Ask me a question i’ll be
able to answer in detail
give me the words and i will
paint you a pretty picture
i miss the days when you would
come to stay and you would
smile and laugh and say the silliest things
chat and tease and say the deepest things
i miss you it’s true
they say that you know
make me stay in that place
where there will be some of you
always always always
send me post cards
write me letters on blue paper
draw me angels with flapping wings
ooh… strange machines
cos’ after the daekness is sunrise
there’ll be hugs and teary smiles
long walks long talks
long sighs long lives
“Make me stay in that place— Bemyoda
i miss you it’s true
they say that you know
make me stay in that place
where there’ll be some of you
always always always
always always always…

Yep that was my favourite song of 2016..

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