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Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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As my vision fades, I whisper aesthetic

Lines blurred, the definition of boundaries unknown My doubt stacks on fears as more questions unfold Will the history of the end be documented on bones? Or does he transcend to forge a new path without woes. I seriously doubt that, for what are we without woes? It's like the church without the devil, nothing but dusty pews. Draw the attention of the light with...

I’m one with the code, the code is with me.

It's May 4th and my theme is still just 20% done. If you are probably lost and wondering what I'm referring to, I'm referring to the HTML5 template I intend putting up on themeforest. Or maybe I might just put it up for free here. So this template is called "The Force", Yep you should know I'm a star wars...

Nain Blanc

Let stars become silent, let the wind become calm Let us speak within thoughts, let dreams fall asleep She can't hear the light anymore One by one the sky lost its gems The gem that once shone above all How long will gaia weep, when will gaia heal She cannot heal, she would not heal For he has become Nain Blanc. For Mr Henry Osenu.

My Favorite Number of The Alphabet is Grey

A is for apple, the doctrine of the fall But B could be simple, it stands for ball C isn't the way we look, what a bizarre twist Instead it is for crook, crap and then cyst D is for dog, I named her gigi E is for evil and her master eblis F stands for **ck, a cocktail of pleasure, wrong and necessity And also...

I need 48-hour days!!!

Argh, I wish we had longer days because my time management skills suck. There's so much to do but my schedule makes their priority amount to nothing. Earlier this year I had a map, or let me say a list of tasks/side projects I wanted to complete before the year runs out. Now I'm gonna list them below and also how...

Yo!! web devs, are you there?

Yeah I'm back from my longest blogging break ever. A fellow blogger said taking time off doesn't hurt, as it helps you recharge and regain inspiration. Ahem, well mine was 10% due to my busy schedule and 90% laziness. The big question is what I gained during the break, It's not like I went on a quest ,chanting mantras and meditating. I've...

Intro plus a little something!!

Hola!! So this is the first time i'm gonna be doing something like this. By "this" i mean writing a Blog post. Lol i'm shy. Name: Oluwakemi "Nickname": Innykemi (that's if a name you give yourself can be called that. LOL) So thats me. Erm well so it seems i'm gonna be here often from now. Oh i forgot to add what...

Hello to the other verse…..

Help me find you again with a false beacon of truth I said to myself. Been spending lots of time lately wondering about the choices I've made, wonderful moments I've had, and also the pain I've been through. Yeah I think about them a lot but not with regret, just curious if I made the same choices across the...

The future we clamour for

It's the year 2045 and nope Martians aren't invading Earth. The scenario I painted in my last post was avertedĀ  (the invasion scenario). I just asked cortana (version 20 lol) my virtual assistant, to download my breakfast (don't fret it's 2045 bros) while I take a warm bath. 10 seconds later Cortana is done with the task (downloading real objects over...

Design vs Functionality

I've been meaning to write this post for weeks now but my schedule has been hell , plus I'm still having a hard time breaking up with "bae procrastination". Was trying to have a short nap when I had this epiphany ,the clouds opened and a bright light came from above revealing all the posts I've postponed like a million...

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Design vs Functionality

I've been meaning to write this post for weeks now but my schedule has been hell , plus I'm still having a hard time...

The future we clamour for

I need 48-hour days!!!